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Anna De Mezzo


A local exploration of privilege resulting in the creation of a game

Anna is a Zurich-based visual designer and researcher with extensive experience in design research, futures studies and art direction. She holds a MSc in Design & Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and works at the intersection between design and futures research. In her work, Anna focuses on various design practices as means to tackle the relationship between humans and uncertainty, particularly the one related to the perception of the future. Her past engagements brought her from the Y Think Tank in Zurich, where she led a team of speculative designers and societal researchers, to UNESCO Futures Literacy in Paris, where she focused on anticipation theory and practice to contribute disseminating futures literacy as a capability.


CCI Futures


Everyday we are confronted with invisible structural issues, in a society imbued with racism and patriarchy. Invisible, but ever present and pressing. Once we start talking about them, they become much easier to spot. Awareness is empowerment — discussing issues, giving them a name, generates a magical mechanism to rip off the invisibility cloak that protects these huge “elephants in the room” of today’s society. This project wants to join the conversation through the creation of a game offering a journey across several facets of the term “privilege” in the local context of the city of Zurich (CH). In a society that is constantly alarmed by polarization and extreme individualism, fuelled by social media and populisms, the game wants to contribute unveiling unjust power structures and positively impact the way people come together, respecting diversity and honouring differences that may be rooted in practices that are today no longer deemed as fair.