Maeve Gerding

Maeve Gerding


How can solidarity-based support structures, beyond singular acts of solidarity, be sustainably established in the CCI?

Maeve Gerding is a graduate student in sociocultural studies. During her undergraduate studies in Cultural Management in Friedrichshafen, she developed an interest in organizational sociology and how power relations are reproduced and manifested in (cultural) institutions. In her graduate program at the Viadrina University, Frankfurt (Oder), and the University of Ghana, Accra, Maeve continued her interest in the transdisciplinary consideration of cultural power structures and expanded her expertise in sociological theory and cultural studies. Her work is sociologically and culturally grounded and strongly influenced by queer-feminist and postcolonial studies. She currently lives in Berlin.


The planned research project “Doing Solidarity: but how?” investigates how a common (European as well as global) practice of innovative solidarity can be developed, institutionalized and sustainably established in cultural institutions. Based on the observation that solidarity is often expressed as a singular reaction to particular crises and circumstances, the question arises how solidarity could enable structures that go beyond singular acts of solidarity, thus can be established in a sustainable way. For this purpose, starting from a theoretical derivation, the example of the art biennial Manifesta 14 is used to investigate whether this form of creative, transnational cooperation could be a learning example.