CREDIT Vanessa Marino

Lorena Junghans


The experiences of marginalized artists in collaborations between Germany and the UK: Exploring the influence of traditional and queer social structures on cross-border cultural production

Lorena Junghans is an impact producer from Romania, now based in Berlin. With a fiery passion for championing intersectional perspectives and creating meaningful change, Lorena has worked in management and production for companies and cultural creators around the globe. As co-founder of “CONNECTED DIFFERENCES e.v.”, a non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting marginalised perspectives, Lorena is a trailblazer in using innovative tech solutions to build new community structures and purpose-driven projects. Lorena’s work has not gone unnoticed – they were awarded the Friedrich-Ebert Scholarship in 2017 for their contributions to the art and academic community, and the Bertha Foundation “Artivist Award” for their collaboration with Palestinian musician Rasha Nahas in 2022.


Lorena Junghans‘ project aims to change the game in the cultural and creative economies! We all know that diversity and inclusion are critical challenges facing the industry, especially for marginalised artists. That’s why we’re excited to launch ‘The Experiences of Marginalised Artists in Collaborations between Germany and the UK,’ a project that aims to explore how traditional and queer structures influence cross-border cultural production. Lorena Junghans believes that this project has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of artists facing significant barriers in accessing resources and opportunities. Through in-depth interviews with marginalised artists, production companies, and funding agencies in Germany and the UK, she will identify challenges, and how traditional and queer corporate structures can impact artists experiences. The goal is to identify strategies to overcome these barriers and achieve more inclusive practices in cultural and creative economies.