Jessica Guy


The New Bauhaus skills and competencies for creative & cultural Industries

Jessica Guy is an interdisciplinary designer, maker, and researcher. They are exploring the intersection and relations of design, culture, and regenerative-making practices. Through participatory action research approaches Jessica supports and develops community care and coordination methods, designs and curates annual programming of events, publications, mobility schemes, and awards, and fosters opportunities to learn and exchange. Currently, Jessica is the project manager of the Distributed Design Platform, Co-Funded by the European Union, and Make Works global. Over the past years, they have actively contributed to EU Horizon research projects such as CENTRINNO, Pop-Machina, and REFLOW.


The project “The Bauhaus skills and competencies” will investigate the skills and competencies that can help individuals become agents of resilient futures. Given the challenging and uncertain times we live in, I believe that the discipline and practice of design can play a vital role in addressing complex problems. I will start by exploring formal and informal learning frameworks, with a particular focus on design education. While there is an incredible amount of ancestral wisdom within communities that address our current challenges through innovative and holistic means, many design universities still rely on outdated design realities. I aim to bridge these areas of knowledge through reciprocal approaches and iterate on existing learning frameworks. To achieve this, I will leverage on participatory action research methods, with a focus on reciprocal, interdisciplinary, and intersectional knowledge exchange to inform an updated and modular learning framework for design education.