Ieva Miltina

Ieva Miltina


Food as a Catalyst in Research Design for the Cultural and Creative Sector

Originally from Latvia, Ieva is a true cosmopolite. Her background is in non-formal education, communications and food, and she works primarily on the development and implementation of international social change projects. Just recently she discovered the exciting world of research. Within the CIRCE Fellowship programme she tests her skills in this area while exploring novel and socially meaningful concepts.


The multifaceted nature of food, consciously shifting from mere nutrition to sentimental, tactile, sensory, political or cultural dimensions, presents immense potential for innovation, exploration and creativity across various domains, borders and sectors. Rooted in a commonality shared by every human being, food also possesses a unique quality that brings people together and encourages them to share their innermost feelings. In the context of the culture and creative sector, food plays a significant role as an agent of culture and a prominent element of the services offered, and in some countries is even part of the creative economy. This research focuses on the exploration of the potential benefits, risks, if only because it is perishable and consumable goods, and opportunities food offers within the framework of arts-based research design. Alongside insights into the meaning of food and considerations relating to the design process, the paper serves as an appetising guide for further exploration and experimentation in this field. It gives insight in the aspects how food can be viewed besides its nutritional value, and refers to the corresponding authors for looking up more information about these aspects. Additionally, it provides information about benefits, risks, opportunities for using food in arts-based research – all of these elements give the first insight and links to the themes necessary to start working with such methodologies. In addition, it underscores the meaningful potential of culture and creative industries in addressing contemporary challenges.