Ieva Miltina

Ieva Miltina


Innovative strengths and development of food-related participatory research methodologies for exploring challenges, needs and hopes in cultural and creative sector

Originally from Latvia, Ieva is a true cosmopolite. Currently working as an international social impact project manager, throughout the years she has gathered the most diverse professional experiences in event and culture management, hospitality and marketing. Nonetheless, her origins are in non-formal education, but true calling is innovation and experience design. Ieva’s project in CIRCE fellowship program is inspired by her soon-to-be published report about food-related facilitation methods for social impact.


The proposed research project will look into the potential and aspects of using food as a research tool to explore complex questions related to the challenges, needs and hopes among people working in the cultural and creative sector. The multifaceted nature of this medium, consciously shifting from merely nutritional to sentimental, tactile, sensory, political or cultural, poses immense potential for innovation, exploration and creativity across topics, borders and sectors. Meanwhile, development of novel research methodologies is required to address the complexities and get to the bottom of newly emerging challenges in CCS. With that being said, the primary goal is to look for novel, inspired approaches for understanding the realities of people involved in CCS, hence opening doors to solving their hardships. But personally, the most important motivator and goal is the ability to experiment, explore, play a little, and look for interdisciplinary connections.