The construction sector is one of the most wasteful industries in the world, accounting for nearly 40% of the EU’s total carbon dioxide emissions. We cannot use material resources in such a foolish way. That is why we at Myceen are using nature’s own intelligence, mycelium, to tackle these problems.
Mycelium is the underground root system of mushrooms that can bind loose material into solid materials. We can use the leftovers from timber and the agricultural industry to grow materials and products. Due to energy-efficient production and the valorization of other industries’ waste, these materials are carbon-negative according to thorough LCA calculation. Mushroom materials are VOC-free, fire-resistant, and compostable, giving them an advantage over today’s commonly used materials. At CIRCE, we aim to reach further with our R&D. We want to increase production and carry out pilot tests of our materials!


Siim Karro, he/him


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Material Scientist

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