Tabakalera – Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea

Collaboration and transfer of value between creatives and non-cultural organizations through artistic practice

The team of Tabakalera deals with the transfer of knowledge between creatives and non-cultural organizations – and plans to visualise it through an art exhibition. By connecting diverse communities and citizens, the Research Lab in San Sebastián hopes to generate further insights, social innovations and professional opportunities. With Tabakalera as an artistic platform and focal point, various projects and developments will be carried out.


  • 23.11.23 – Opening CIRCE-exhibition


Ane Agirre

Head of Exhibitions and Residencies, Tabakalera

Johan Kildal

Head of Research, Tekniker

Clara Montero

Cultural Director, Tabakalera

Ricardo Diez Muiño

Director, Donostia International Physics Center

Xabier Reboredo

Managing director, Tabakalera

Ibai Zabaleta

Coordinator media lab, Tabakalera