Metaplan – Gesellschaft für Verwaltungsinnovation

Our projects deals with the question of organisational mechanisms of exclusion in the context of supporting and funding social impact organisations. From a perspective of organisational sociology as well as power dynamics and micro politics we research how these mechanisms come into play on an organisational level as well as at the boundaries of organisations. We focus on organisations as social systems and try to identify formal as well as informal levers to address exclusionary practices as well as adaptive strategies of actors in social impact organisations, public administration, and private funding. Our project addresses the intersection of politics, administration, and civil society in the light of transformative governance. We aim to offer a perspective sensible to organisational dynamics to make support and funding more inclusive.


Judith Muster, she/her

Alexander Heindl, he/him

Bernd Eckstein, he/him

Mascha Nolte, she/her

Celine Geckil, she/her


Final report

Metaplan_final report_public version