Taoyuan Luo

Taoyuan Luo

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Doing feminism through creative cultural practices

Taoyuan Luo is a feminist and a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at the University of Leeds. She holds a BA in Journalism from Guangxi University (China) and an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries from Cultural Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London (UK). Her research interests are primarily located in gender studies, where she aims to explore the interrelationship between feminist theory, popular culture, mediated texts, youth, and identification. Her current research focuses on the feminist practices of young women.


My project aims to explore how East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) feminist communities utilize zine-making workshops as collective therapeutic sessions to foster solidarity, cultivate gender and race awareness, and develop strategies to combat racism and sexism in the context of Brexit and Covid-19. It focuses on examining the interrelationships between feminists residing in the global north (originating from the global south) and their cultural and creative practices.