Nevena Yovcheva


Rural renaissance through art and culture

Nevena Yovcheva is a creative changemaker from Bulgaria and organizer of cultural, ecological, educational and artistic initiatives. She is part of non-governmental organization “Ideas Factory” devoted to bringing social change through community-building and combining creative practices, intergenerational and multidisciplinary knowledge exchange. Nevena is founder of the summer school for kids and youth “Chisto Sarce” – Pure Heart focused on self-awareness, a sustainable lifestyle, and nurturing virtues. She organises a social transformation festival in the EU’s most impoverished area. She studied applied arts in Bulgaria and Spain, qualified herself in a holistic approach, humane pedagogy, social entrepreneurship, group dynamics, and continues studying pedagogy now.


Rural Renaissance Through Art and Culture is a practical research initiative and creative enterprise applying an innovative business model related to CCE in Northwest Bulgaria-the most impoverished area in the EU according to EEC. Our goal is to transform a depopulated village into a thriving artistic zone with a campsite, workshop and exhibition space. The zone will offer exceptional tourism and educational packages that showcase a sustainable village lifestyle. Along with allowing urban families to experience rural life, it will also give back to the village, creating artistic content that turns the place into an attractive destination. The aim is to deal with pressing issues related to social inequality, demographic challenges, and climate change by providing quality opportunities through intersectional approaches. We are highly motivated to build bridges between the city and village and transform an abandoned village into a thriving, lively, cultural, fair and diverse environment.