Luiza Moroz


Navigating global competition: Alternative policy approaches for the EU’s creative industries

Luiza Moroz is a policy analyst focusing on creative industries at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine since 2018. While working at the Ministry, she helped to introduce the creative industries concept to the governmental agenda, was in charge of creating the analytical and statistical framework for this sector in Ukraine, and co-organised the annual ministerial Creative Ukraine Forum. Her interests include philosophy of culture, creative industries institutional capacity, international cooperation in creative industries, and cultural analytics. Currently, she is pursuing the MA programme in European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe as part of her professional training.


The project aims to explore novel policymaking techniques for EU creative industries to enhance their global competitiveness. Brexit, the pandemic, and increased military spending following the Russian invasion of Ukraine have put the EU’s creative industries at a disadvantage at times of the increased disinformation and weaponisation of soft power by authoritarian regimes. Compared to their Asian and US counterparts, European creative industries lag behind in exports, revenues, and innovative business models. One of the reasons for this is the traditional policymaking cycle’s focus on immediate issues rather than long-term strategic sectors. The research proposes potential tools to prioritise the creative sector and unleash its innovative potential against the uncertain political and economic background. It focuses on three main techniques, namely intergenerational analysis, big data analysis, and regulatory sandboxes, to increase the efficiency of creative industries’ policymaking.