Katja Blazheichuk (1)(3)

Katja Blazheichuk


Ukraine in Colour

Katja is a cultural manager and activist involved in projects in Kyiv and Berlin. Her work centres on cultural diplomacy, mobility and community development. Katja´s projects include the Sanatoria conference, the eco-activist festival Station Kyrylivska, the artist residency Rubacava in Kyiv, the Ukrainian Culture Station and the Ukrainian Sound Garden with Vitsche Berlin.


Ukraine In Colour aims to revitalise Ukrainian heritage through vintage photo colourisation and foster a global community of artists, historians and enthusiasts. Ukrainians are striving to reclaim their history and illuminate past cultural achievements erased or misappropriated by imperialists through exclusive historical visual materials and storytelling. This platform aims to uncover treasures, celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes, combat disinformation, showcase Ukrainian contributions, foster knowledge sharing, support global research and tech solutions, revive cultural memory and empower cultural catalysts. Ukraine In Colour bridges cultures to create a global community gallery, promoting self-acceptance, reframing migration as an advantage and fostering culture creators. Launched in August 2023, project participants are preparing for a full release with “1000 stories” campaigns to empower communities to decolonize, resurrect history, challenge coloniser labels and showcase global contributions. This platform recognises cultural actors with migration backgrounds, demonstrates culture‘s transfer, fosters dialogue through events and cultivates communities through cultural awareness. Ukraine In Colour celebrates culture’s resilience, art’s power and human diversity, thus inspiring global citizens to use technology to share heritage and forge connections across time and space.