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Dany Garcia-Solano


User experience design and service design as a driver of social transformation: A practical approach to the experience of democracy

Dany is an Experience Researcher & Designer, and Media Producer from Colombia who is currently based in London, UK. He has worked in educational media production and social innovation projects across Colombia for over seven years. Recently, Dany completed a MA in User Experience Design at the University of the Arts, London. Dany’s research explores ways to reimagine conventional experiences using embodied, situated, and participatory design. He considers himself a facilitator rather than an expert, and above all, someone who is curious about the future of design and its positive impact on the planet.


The Experience of Democracy aims to reimagine the relationship between people, democracy, and design. Using research through design, the project will explore creative ways for citizens to participate in policy-making, social debates, and ultimately, democracy itself. Its goal is to create a practical approach to citizen participation that fosters creativity and is built with and by communities. By examining the experiences of individuals, communities, and societies with democracy, the project will gain insights into the nuances of these experiences and how they shape our perspectives on the world around us. Bringing design into a more political and social discussion, and expanding its traditional context, the project expects to have a positive impact on how we experience democracy.