Vollpension, with its Generationencafés and baking school, is a social enterprise focused on intergenerational dialogue. The project “Senior Influencer Agency” aims to prototype new standardized offers to include the wisdom of seniors in today’s corporate landscape. In the last couple of months, we have developed solutions for the collaboration between the older and younger generation in organizational contexts. We noticed that larger organisations/businesses are urgently searching for those solutions. How to manage demographic change in organisations? How do we plan a humane and strategic offboarding process for older people leaving the organisation (and handing over their knowledge)? How to close the gap between elderly and younger people in organisations? Etc. This prototype aims to find out the solution to the question of how we can scale our impact.


Manuel Gruber

Managing Director

Julia Krenmayr

Managing Director

Karin Hermann-Arnold

Head of Marketing

Moriz Piffl-Percevic