Data from space can tell hundreds of stories and provide forensic evidence. Vertical52 brings them back to Earth. For this purpose, we are building the platform V52 for searching, analyzing, and visualizing satellite and radar data. More than 8,000 satellites orbit the Earth. In the past, access to and analysis of satellite data was the preserve of intelligence services and the military. Now there is an increasing number of civilian and commercial applications that also enrich journalistic research. That is especially true when investigating climate change or environmental crimes. However, because few journalists have access to high-resolution commercial satellite imagery or the knowledge to derive complex analysis from it or the tools to produce spatial stories, we are developing Vertical52. We close this gap and give journalists and NGOs convenient access to space – to all relevant satellites, to images in the best resolution, in real-time.


Deana Mrkaja, she/her

Editor & Research

Marcus Pfeil, he/him

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Michael Anthony, he/him