Kuulu is a revolutionary digital tool that empowers organizations to create and implement comprehensive Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. With Kuulu, DEI planning becomes not just a legal requirement. It becomes an essential part of your organizational DNA that drives innovation, financial performance, and societal equality.
The name “Kuulu” is derived from the Finnish and means “to belong” and “to be heard”. That reflects our mission to create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected and a culture that recognizes and celebrates unique perspectives and experiences. At Kuulu, we draw strength from our diversity. Coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds, we bring a spectrum of insights and experiences to Kuulu. They reinforce our steadfast commitment to DEI.
Our mission to champion DEI in work-life is deeply personal. We have lived the challenges and victories of diverse journeys and understand first-hand the value of an inclusive environment.


Terhi Kesela, she/her


Senni Moilanen, she/her


Margot De Maulmont, she/her