Women of colour and marginalized entrepreneurs face systemic barriers that lead to a significant lack of opportunity, including limited access to resources, knowledge, and networks. However, these are needed to secure venture capital for business growth. Despite recent efforts to promote gender diversity in start-ups, the shocking reality remains: Less than 2% of venture capital funding goes to women-led businesses, and less than 0.5% goes to ventures led by women of colour. This stark inequality demands immediate attention.
To address this, we propose scaling our highly effective investor readiness accelerator program, Compass. To this end, we intend to transform it into a game-changing learning platform. It will offer essential content on crucial topics such as fundraising, negotiation, pitching, and overcoming bias. Unlike other educational tools, we will also facilitate connections between founders, allies, investors, and accountability partners, providing a unique and gamified approach to learning.


Stephanie von Behr, she/her

Project Lead

Sophie Webber, she/her

Project Manager

Britt Davis, she/her

Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Dannerys Peralta, she/her

Project Coordinator