The project embrace3 explores the aesthetic and ergonomic breast support clothing needs of individuals affected by breast cancer, who may have differently sized breasts, be single-breasted or flat (without breasts) following mastectomy surgery; they may choose not to have breast reconstruction or wear external prostheses.
Conventional post-mastectomy bras are constructed to establish a visual symmetry of female breasts, catering to gender-associated bodies. embrace3 aims to expand this interpretation of breast support clothing beyond normative sizing systems by translating unique body topologies and wearer-specific clothing needs into a needs-based design framework: pioneering modularity in breast support clothing through additive manufacturing technologies and parametric support structures based on 3D body scanning.
By making visible the wide spectrum of clothing needs, embrace3 aims to advance action towards wearer-centred clothing designs within Europe’s creative industries.


Silke Hofmann, she/her

Clothing design researcher