Club Co-op is a planned nightlife and arts venue in Marseille, France, through which we aim to develop and refine a system that provides more fair prices for audiences and more fair pay for artists. Taking its lead from other cooperative initiatives in different sectors across Europe, this project aims to respond to increasing social stratification in the music industry both in Marseille and across Europe, the result of an increasingly hostile environment for musicians from working-class and otherwise marginalized backgrounds looking to forge sustainable careers in the music industry. By procuring a central space that makes it possible to implement an experimental financial and ownership model, as well as a programme of events that puts inclusion and accessibility at its core, Club Co-op will aim to serve as the starting point for an alternative model of solidarity-driven nightlife – in the interest of attendees and artists, rather than the profit of individuals.


Vincent Kulesza, he/him

Operations Coordinator

Ana Sanz, she/her

Communications & Development Coordinator

George Trotter, he/him

Strategy & Research Coordinator